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interview with mr Babak Jahanbakhsh

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Dogs are the only animals that give the senses of a child. The one who can kill an animal, cannot love human as well. I feel animals can make more kindness and affection in people and give a good feeling.
You don’t need to be introduced, but please start with your biography.
I was born in 1362, 1st of Farvardin and I’m 35 years old now. I started playing the music at the age of 5-6 as an accord to my father’s will. I personally was not really into music but my father encouraged me because he was highly interested in working in this field. Regarding the limited atmosphere of that time, his enthusiasm was transferred to me. I was born in Germany and we lived in Germany because my father was a student there. I went to music school in Germany. Music in the German school was a free course which means that the school was not bond to music only and music courses were given decides regular curriculum. Therefore, I learnt the classic style of playing the piano but it wasn’t what I liked. Maybe I was not really gifted in it. Due to my mom’s dependency to her family, we returned to Iran which was a turning point in our life. After returning to Iran I was not active in music for a long time until my father bought me an instrument. I remember it was a YAMAHA A3 which belonged to one of my uncle friends’. It was a great instrument in that time and made an absolute eastern voice. The instrument doubled my enthusiasm because Turkish channels had just started working and I became really interested in eastern music by listening to Istanbuli music. I dare to say that I was not supposed to become a singer and I didn’t think about it. I considered singing as a way of covering my favorite songs, before one of my father’s friends, Mr. Masoud Mirdamadi, found me. He worked in IRIB  and he also had worked with many old singers. If you remember, interpersonal relationships used to be much wider in that time and people knew almost everybody in their neighborhood. We used to have a gathering with our friends periodically and got together in each other’s homes every week. It was in one of these gatherings that my father’s friend heard my voice and taught me solfege and situation turned to academic. I remember I went to IRIB in 1376 at the age of 14 and took a vocal test. Unfortunately I was rejected at the first time and they told me that my voice was like women’s. My voice was low pitched and since I was too young, it was like a woman voice. Afterwards Mr. Mohammad Ali Moallem, one the old poets and chief of music center of that time, confirmed me. After that I sang a song for IRIB in which Mojtaba Mirzadeh, one of the greatest musicians of the time played and Babak Amini played the guitar. It was a traditional pop song because many great players had performed in it. The music was played in 103 studio which was a well-known studio at the time. After it was sung, the recording supervisor confirmed it. Unfortunately nowadays recording supervisor is omitted from Iran’s music industry and the lack of it is tangible. After this Mr. Mirzadeh told me:” you should sing like Shadmehr Aghili. IRIB style is not what you fit in and it will waste your talents and your voice is not ripe enough and it’s not the time for you to become a singer yet. It made me disgruntled and frustrated with singing, but now after years, I’ve accepted what he said and it has changed my attitude. It lead me to say goodbye to national TV broadcasting. Mehrdad Kazemi sang that song after me. Since I had a childish voice, I could have sung high-pitched notes easily. I put singing away for a long time and shifted to composing music. After a while, a guy was introduced to me for composition and I made an album for him. We went to Farid shabkhiz studio so that I could read the etudes for him. Being surprised, Mr. Shabkhiz asked me:” why don’t you sing yourself? You’ve got a unique voice. Therefore, I went to Ershad and took a vocal test. In that time we had to take both vocal and solfege tests, but now money is the only priority in music industry and everybody’s voice would be great thanks to computer. I got accepted among 400 people and received my vocal certificate in 1379. After getting the certificate, my father had his third heart surgery and he suffered from hospital infection and during the year of being hospitalized, they’d told us that your father won’t stay alive for a long time. It was really hard for me since I was the only son in family and as a result I couldn’t continue my education and I ended up with a diploma. I had a limited income from composing and I made a few television teasers. After a while, my father got better and I managed to publish an album with the least possible cost. “Chi Shode” was published and my life changed. It was a strange feeling to hear my own voice in all channels and even in the streets. Of course.  I couldn’t afford making the music video for it and I feel really sorry for some commenters who call me a rich kid. As I told you before I didn’t have enough money to make the video clip and I had mentioned that in an interview. Someone called that magazine and said that he would pay aloo the costs for it! I dare to say I entered the music industry without paying a single dollar, but unfortunately they keep telling me that I was born in Germany but they’ve no idea that we lost everything we had due to my father’s sickness. I called many different companies to distribute the album but nobody was willing to. One day when I was deeply frustrated, a call was made to me from Mohsen Rajabpoor Corporation. After listening to the album songs, we signed a contract and my life path changed to the present. Afterwards, Ofogh-e-no newspaper introduced me as the phenomena of the year 84-85. There was an interview and they wanted to develop a youngster’s natural gift.
When you entered the professional world, did you ever think what to do to become famous and popular? 
Everybody likes fame but I didn’t think about it, in fact I set my steps on the way of it. I really had to change my life because I was in a family who face a long period of illnesses of my parents. As if the golden age of our life had finished after returning to Iran. Our life was hit by a lightning and I had to pull myself out of that situation. I was a hard-working person and won the karate championship in the same year and was invited to the national team. If had continued this field, I would have probably become one the successful coaches in it. I played for Esteghlal soccer club and in Germany I paled as the captain for Bochum teenager’s soccer club. But my morale got detached from karate and I didn’t like to continue. My morale demanded me to go for music. After “Chishode” video clip was broadcasted from satellite channels, I was not allowed to work for 3 years and after me, Mohsen Yeganeh and Farzad Farzin had the same destiny. I’ve witnessed the problems these people suffered in music industry and I dare to say it was really tough days because of that time’s problems and it was the time when Ershad made us almost cry. Then I signed a contract with Mr. Mojtaba Shah Ali but his corporation got prohibited. Therefore we had to give the album to Irangaam Co. Mr. Hossein Khani. He was producer of Mr. Alizadeh and Sirvan Khosravi. After his separation from this company, NAkisa Co. published the album. The album was beyond its time but didn’t get the feedback it deserved. I struggled a lot to improve until Tasvire Donyaye Honar bought my third album, Ehsas, and published it with extra ordinary advertisement. My first Tehran concert was immediately after the distribution of the album and I had two performances in Arike Iranian. I had my second concert in 89 Arike Iranian’s boss became my next concerts sponsor himself. My first Milad tower performance was at the end of 89. We signed a contract with Mr. Hatampoor for “zendegie man” album. In this album “Dooset daram” became a hit and was played in Mr. Rashidpour’s program and then I published Dooset Daram as a single track and then Dooset Daram album published. After that time, Tehran concerts ignited and people welcome that very much. In 1390 we signed a contract with Mr. KHanzadeh and publishing of “mano baroon” was a launch pad for me to the extent we had 14 concerts in a month and we became the top seller. 
What are your activities out of Iran?
My first concert out of Iran was in London in 87 and then in Stockholm in 91 and in London again, Vancouver, Toronto and Dubai with Morteza Pashaee cooperatin. I never forget Morteza Pashaee asked me to sing “Mano Baroon “together and it became a reminiscence. I worked with Mr. Kanzade till last year and the result were Mano baron, Oxygen, Madare Bi gharari, Halam khoobe albums and various super successful single tracks.
What do you think to be your success secret?
I did my best and I have kind fans. I always stayed away from margins, tried to respect all the time and even my separations were with respect. I want nothing from universe with force, I’ve never been jealous and never compared myself and my abilities with anyone. If I’m not successful anywhere today, I know what the problem is. 
If you hadn’t entered singing world, how would you see your life now?
I’m not good at business and I’m sure I wouldn’t opt this way. In terms of studying, I put it off for a while and did not continue anymore. Maybe I would have pursue karate or soccer. If I hadn’t been as successful as I am in the music now, I’d probably worked in another realm of music.
Do you compose for your songs yourself?
Yes I make my own songs music 98% of times and I’ve composed 135 music songs in the last 8 years.
How much do you like your last song?
It was a great song but these songs are not my type, but they give me a good feeling.
What is your most favorite song?
All of them are favorable when you’re in their mood. My life style is changed but I like “Dooset Daram” indeed and it’s really sweet.
Mr. Jahanbakhsh, have you ever had a pet?
I like animals and as a kid I used to keep different animals like hamster, rabbit and turtle and I had a parrot and a Casco for a short time.
Did you fully take care of them yourself?
No, unfortunately I was too busy. When we lived in Germany I was good with the dogs but since my father was the decision maker, he didn’t like us to keep the dog. It’s not already possible to me to keep a pet due to my numerous trips but I’ll make it at the first time possible. I’m also afraid of getting dependent to them and existing limitations of keeping pets force me not to do so. I try to work les in music and work more selective so that I could spend more time on my family and having pets.
What animal would you like as a pet?
Definitely the dog, I like cats but I’m severely allergic to them. There’s this saying abroad that dog s both responsible and a good friend. And I choose the dog for my son as well. 
How did you get to know Iran Vet Care? 
Our friendship formed outside this system and through my wife. Mrs. Parastoo Najafi the sales manager of the company was one the closest friends of my wife at the university that caused this friendship. 
Considering you mentioned supporting dogs, it seems like you like to help the dogs.
Dogs are those types of animals that bear great feelings to a great extent. Unfortunately there are a lot of problems in our country and sometimes there are false comparisons. For instance, there are some contributions to dogs and some ask why don’t you help kids instead? That’s beside the point. Even trees have the right to live. The one who can kill an animal, cannot love human as well. I feel animals can make more kindness and affection in people and give a good feeling.
Have you ever seen an animal without shelter and wanted to help?
Yes, we always keep the left overs especially for birds like rice and bread. I remember I didn’t know the cats don’t like water. One day I was walking and a cat chased me to my home. I took the cat to bathroom and started to wash it. The poor cat was surrendered and I washed it thoroughly, but since I was allergic to it, I couldn’t keep it for more than 2-3 days.
If you’re asked to have a concert and contribute a part of income to animals that don’t have a shelter, would like it to happen?
It’s possible only if it is kept under cover. If it comes unleashed, there will be a lot misjudgments.
We like to appreciate you for being present in the 4th small pet exhibition in Milad tower that was held by Hami Gostare Heyvanat Co., what’s your opinion about this exhibition?
I expected to see the animals in the exhibition as well, but it was not possible. It was really interesting for me and it was my first presence in such shows. Meanwhile, I’m really flattered we have such shows in our country. It shows how hard the organizers work and it changed my point of view. Therefore if I have a pet one day, I’m sure that there are these kinds of exhibitions in order to provide services for pets. Regarding the development of this business, we will witness a great advance in this real in upcoming years, but unfortunately, the people who are involved in this business are facing major problems with currency and raw materials.
Would you like to take participate in this exhibition again if there’s one nest year?
Yes, definitely. Maybe I’ll have dog in that time so it’d be more useful for me.
Have you ever read Kabook magazine?
Unfortunately I was too busy to read it completely, but as I reviewed the magazine it was really attractive for me and for the readers and it has a high quality.
AS the last question, can Kabook magazine introduce you as the ambassador of pets?
I should act more professionally at this and sometimes I’m not the only decision maker. There are several ambassador proposals and I try to choose the one I’m better for. I tend to know more about this field and get a dog in next months and I think my wife would be a better choice and I will help.