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interview with mr Dr Gilanpour

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Dr. Gilanpour

Veterinary Colleges require more attention in order to control and monitor
People like to have small pets. If it’s under surveillance of law, people would be more certain to buy small and a healthier procedure is taken.
Tell us about your biography
I’m graduated from veterinary college of Tehran university. Then I move to England for higher education, and after getting my PhD, I returned to Shiraz. After that, I was sent to Tehran University again from Shiraz University. Being retired, I already work with Azad University.
Do you already teach?
Yes, I teach in Azad University
What about doctoring?
I haven’t been involved in doctoring so much but I’ve worked with many of my coworkers.
How do you feel about the fact that many people who work in this field are your students?
I’m really proud of it and of all my students an there’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing people who had been my students in the past are already working at the highest levels of their fields. But since veterinary is a vast realm and is related to life and health of society, it hasn’t been taken into consideration as much as it deserves, and therefore vets are under pressure in this aspect, especially to start in the market.
How the growth of this industry has been since you entered it?
I can’t come up with a percentage about the industry because it requires precise statistics. But generally, the changes have been very significant and society’s point of view has changed about this field.
Have small pets’ exhibitions influenced people’s view towards this field?
You can’t say they were not influential, but as we know, internal exhibitions are not welcomed as much as foreign ones and if we had less limitations, we would have observed better results.
What shortcomings does veterinary field have?
From academic aspect, there are many graduated people who encounter lack of jobs and due to inadequate experience, some of them tend to starts pet shops. Unfortunately, lack of appropriate regulations and instructions in pet shops realm will lead to failure. 
Does the organization have enough supports?
Yes but they are limited because they’re not open handed. Market can hire professional vets if the capacity is provided. 
What is your message to veterinary students?
Being interested is the key factor, since they may face problems in this field and they can deal with them only if they love this field.
Have you suggested your children to study this field?
I’d really loved to but it didn’t happen due to some reasons. In the past, veterinary was considered to be doctoring of animals only but now, it is not limited to the mentioned activities.
How did you become interested in veterinary? Who encouraged you?
I myself was the one who encouraged me. Besides loving animals and having many pests since childhood, I was very enthusiastic in this field so I chose the hardest branch of the field, Anatomy.
Many know you as the father of veterinary.
My interest in veterinary didn’t cause me to think about making money out of it and I’ve worked in academic and education realms only. In teaching, I’m involved with younger people and they keep me active and I constantly learn from them.
Would you like to say something to say to veterinary organization that Kabook magazine can serve as a tribune?
I believe the organization should try to set rules and regulations for this field. All small pet breeders should be under supervision of the organization. Pet shop, as a whole, selling animals and their supplies should be under supervision of the organization in order to have more discipline. People like to have small pets. If it’s under surveillance of law, people would be more certain to buy small and a healthier procedure is taken.
Is there any complaint about the university system?
We should be realistic. Removing barriers is time taking. University needs more attention in order to control and monitor, since all supervisions are limited to the time of establishment of the university or a specific field of study and it will be neglected gradually and there’s no supervision on graduated students.
Kambiz Chelengar
Welfare and health of pets: primary goal of importing high quality and luxury brands
Exhibitions undergo a good process of forming culture of keeping pets, and people who run the exhibition have a beneficial performance to develop the growth of the guild. The biggest problem of our guild is lack of pet keeping culture, for which we are witnessing positive results thanks to exhibitions.
Please tell us the biography of entering this field.
I used to import Ice-pack brand to Iran before I enter this industry. I had been thinking about starting a new business in Iran till I found a Persian cat in the street one day. It’s interesting to know that in that time, 1387, I even had no idea what race the cat is. 
I called Dr. Gilanpour to ask about things I’ve to do for that cat because of this cat and vaccinating I eventually became familiar with vet clinics. When I had gone to buy necessary thing for my cat, I realized that there is a shortage of this equipment in the market. I took the advantage to enter this guild and I began thinking about opening a shop to meet pet needs, because there was no pet shop in Tehran in that time to be only a pet shop and merely pet clinics were active who mostly worked on treatment.
At the end and after a lot of research I opened a Pet shop in Velenjak shopping mall that was 20 meters. After a short time and due to increasing demands, to extent that there was a long line out of the store, I rented a 180m shop in the same mall and after getting the necessary official certificates for drugstore from veterinary organization, I officially opened the first pet shop in Iran, which in that time, due to inadequate knowledge and experience I faced a lot of problems, but I managed to deal with them and the biggest pet shop in Iran continued to work successfully.
Why nothing is said about that pet shop?
After a few years due to lack of high quality brands, I thought about importing and all my activities were focused on this matter and when you devote 100% of your energy on a particular work, the outcome of previous job will diminish. Focusing on import, distribution of products and finding the best warehouses and also various numbers of pet shops led me to limit my primary work, although that pet shop is still working and is given to Dr. Gilanpour’s son.
Do you miss that pet shop?
Not really, because I prefer importing to pet shop right now. Because I can deliver what is exactly needed for the animals to the end-customers. Literally, I feel better this way.
Did that old pet shop enjoy any special trait, leading to long queue in front?
The main reason was to be unique and great variety of products. People from all districts of Tehran came to that shop. There are already at least 15 pet shops within Shariati to Velenjak that causes reduction of customers. I remember our greatest sale was 20-25 million in years 90-91.
What are you doing now?
Since 7 years ago that I left the shop, I partnered one of my customers in import and we together registered Ariya Nakhl Co.  I and Mr.H were of the members of this company. Unfortunately this partnership failed. In that time, we imported Lindocat for domestic use and Trixi for Dubai and at the same time represented Savic Company. After my partner defrauded me and left me a huge debt, I solved these problems and I started a new partnership with one of the students of Dr. Gilanpour, Mr. Mirfakhraie . This cooperation lasted for 7 years and now I’m working individually. My close relationship with him ended in family relationship in addition to previous business relationship. Today this relationship is limited to families but not the work.
Some people believe Mr. Chelengar and Mr.Mirfakhraie’s separation is not real. Please clarify this for Kabook magazine.
Honestly, there is no cooperation and ever since we decided to work individually, we cut our cooperation 100%. 
Why did you stop working together?
When a business grows, it’s natural to face opposite ideas and everybody considers his own goals as priority. We preferred to work individually.
Is it true that your wife, Dr. Gilanpour ’s daughter, was your main encourager to enter this field?
Yes that’s correct. She is one of the most important people who encouraged me and she has strong feelings towards animals and she does everything to support animals. Thanks to my wife’s idea, are the first pet dress producer under the brand of Persia Pet Care and also the first producer of cat litter under the brand of Misha in Iran .
Which brands and countries do you work with?
My import policy has not changed because my company’s primary goal is to import high quality and luxury brands that guarantee pet’s health and welfare at the first place. We already work with Germany, Italy, Netherland, Spain and England. Of course, some of Iran Vet Care products are not presented to the market yet and they will be informed to our respectful colleagues soon.
Does your company think about production?
We used to think of it but we gave up, because we can import high quality premium products with suitable prices from a European country and stay away from production troubles which, of course, are confined to our country. The most important part is lack of security in production. After investment, what is supposed to be done in executive stages is completely different from what is on the paper. Hence we came to importing as a more economical result.
Will you unleash any special brands?
Yes, but we prefer to unleash it in exhibition time and keep the information until that time. 
Do exhibitions have any influence on you work?
Exhibitions undergo a good process of forming culture of keeping pets, and people who run the exhibition have a beneficial performance to develop the growth of the guild. The biggest problem of our guild is lack of pet keeping culture, for which we are witnessing positive results thanks to exhibitions. Meanwhile being in close touch with sellers and customers and informing the visitors about new brands have positive influence that is possible through exhibitions.
What is your idea about Hami Gostar Co. running the exhibition?
I believe your exhibition enjoys a high quality and besides to the number of participants, it has the favorite quality. The executives are really committed. Other elements are related to participants and their objectives of being in the exhibition.
What’s your idea about Kabook magazine? 
Kabook is a very luxury magazine and is the first magazine to publish with this quality. The only problem I can find is that it’s too heavy. I suggest you focus on electronic magazine so it will be more pervasive and a step for further advance.
And you message…
I’d rather address veterinary managers to thank them all for supporting small pet guild up to this great extent. It’s a guild that did not exist 10 years ago and now is advancing quickly. Our only request is more support and supervision on importers’ in order to make sure that the imported products meet the minimum standards.