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interview with Dr RafiePour

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1- I would like to say hello and welcome dear Dr. RafiePour, Head of the Veterinary Organization of Iran, Dr. would you please give us a brief biography of yourself?
- Veterinary director general of south Khorasan since 2014 to present
- Head of veterinary network of Torbat Heydarieh county for about 28 month
- Chabahar special veterinary network director with the first priority for country’s fishing, reginal laboratory and conversion industry related to red meat and aquatic for 8 years
- Iranshahr Veterinary Network director for 2 years
- Assistant Director of Veterinary Network of Zabol for 5 years
- Member of Consumer Protection association of Chabahar County
- Chairman of the Provisional board directors of Sistan Baluchestan’s Veterinary for a three 12-year period 
- Member of Provincial council including the health council, Head of the agricultural and natural resources group, the Chamber of Commerce ( Agricultural Commission), The Agricultural Employment Jihad, The Agricultural Insurance office and the head of Veterinary of Sistan Baluchestan Province in Provisional Exhibitions Committee
- Quality Assurance Director of the Regional Laboratory and Food Quality Control with EU approval
- Responsibility of export and import of Veterinary related shipments in Chabahar port with permission of the Deputy Minister and the chairman of Veterinary Organization of the county
- Technical responsibility of tuberculosis and brucellosis, Clinic, Laboratory, aquatic, etc. in Veterinary Network of Sistan Baluchestan Province and Khorasan Razavi
Scientific and Research activities and Publications:
- Member of the Editorial Board of the Veterinary Office of the Khorasan Razavi province, assistant of national planning related to shrimp disease and presenting articles on aquatic related disease for national congresses
- Teaching in the educational and academic centers of Sistan Baluchestan, Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan
Remarkable training courses:
- Seminary, Military, ideological and political
Acknowledgments and honors
- The honor of being a Veteran in the 8-year imposed war
- The first-ranked of the Veterinary system election in Sistan and Baluchestan province for three consecutive periods and the deputy chairman of the Veterinary Organization in Sistan and Baluchestan for 12 years
Other Activities and Interests
- Member of the board of trustees of the Mosque and charities in Sistan and Baluchestan, Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan
- Head of Chabahar Housing Cooperative board
- Responsibilities of executive and supervisory boards of provinces during 19 years of service
- Participation in the right against wrong fronts as a militant, in charge of propaganda, commander of Malek Ashtar project and Artillery 120
- Member of Basij Resistance Force
2- Why did you choose veterinary and who did encourage or motivate you?
3- Have you ever thought that someday you will be the head of Iran Veterinary Organization?
4- Have you ever had a pet?
5- The pet industry is growing rapidly, is it possible to form a union or guild for this community?
6- Is there any guideline for standardizing the work of the breeders or those who are interested in animal breeding?
7- Which organization grant the license for pet shops or pet supply stores?
8- Are pet shops allowed to use items that enter Iran by passengers?
Any drug that enters the country should obtain a license from Drug Administration office of the Veterinary Organization of the country throughout the licensing process and natural or legal persons cannot import pharmaceuticals without obtaining permission
9- Breeders have so many problems providing various vaccines, due to the rising cost of imports and the long process of registering and obtaining a license, what is your recommendation?
Due to the sensitivity of the subject, there are some registered pet vaccines and some companies import them, which any amount of imports is permissible by the Veterinary Organization of Iran. Therefore, importing vaccines is subject to registration and legal processes which is welcomed by Drug and Treatment Affairs.
10- The 4th pet supply exhibition was held in June 2018 by Hami Gostar Heyvanat company, what is your message to the executive team and visitors?
11- In the year of “supporting national Production”, how did Veterinary Organization support the pet suppliers? Will be special facilities or will there be some special divisions for standardizing manufacturers?
 12- Is it necessary for the cat litter producers to obtain any license? And will there be a supervision for producing this sanitary production? And is there really a proper condition for producing antibacterial litter?
Production of any product for livestock feeding, poultry and aquatic requires a factory which should have the necessary veterinary conditions in the form of health insurance, establishment and exploitation license, as well as health certificate that is issued by Veterinary Organization of the provinces. Using any supplies for animals require observing veterinary medical procedures.
13- What is your opinion about the Kabook, specialized and bilingual magazine?