Introducing Kabook MagazineIntroducing Kabook Magazine

Introducing Kabook Magazine

Bilingual Kabook Magazine
Kabook Magazine is a bridge between producers , importers of petfood and breeders and growers.
In this luxury magazine, we have to express how to communicate the human and animal correctly.
This magazine contains several distinct sections that include Introducing pet food importers and manufacturers, Breeders, introducing pet shops, clinics and veterinary hospitals,VIP  , fishes , horses  , shelters and Supportive centers and media.
This magazine, which is published Every three months and first every season , is also paper magazine, and its online version is sent to all parts of Iran and around the world.
It should be noted that this magazine is broadcast for free.
This E-Book version the magazine is sent to the whole world for downloading. Those who like to email your free email please register on the site